Low-Maintenance Container Gardens

A container garden can be a great way to enjoy gardening if you have a limited space, or if you need more flexibility or accessibility.

One of the challenges with container gardening, though, is all that watering!

Most traditional potted plants and containers need frequent watering and attention.

What happens when you forget to water, have to go on vacation, or just can't take care of your plants for a while?

There actually are a lot of different types of plants and types of containers that make gardening in pots less of a hassle and more enjoyable. 

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Enjoy an Easy Garden in Pots!

Here are just a few ideas for container gardens that don't require a lot of day-to-day attention, or that serve a dual purpose:

Read more about each of these types of container gardens below, or start with this article on the basics of container gardening.

Types of Container Gardens

Succulents in Pots

If you want plants that you can forget about for a while when things get busy, then succulents and cacti are the way to go - they are small, drought tolerant and slow growing. Just make sure not to water them too much.

Read more about growing succulent container gardens here.

Dish gardens

A dish garden is just a container garden in a pretty, shallow dish.

Choose various plants that stay small and don't have long roots, then cover the soil in between with moss or small rocks.

Learn more about dish gardens here.


A terrarium doesn't need very frequent watering, because soil doesn't dry out so quickly in an enclosed space.

Learn how to make a terrarium here.

Hydroponic vegetable gardening

Grow vegetables and herbs in a hydroponic container garden for fresh, clean and delicious veggies that look pretty too.

Herb container gardens

Keep pots of herbs on your kitchen counter or on your patio. There are lots of options for nice-looking self-watering pots which mean you don't have to water them every few days to keep them fresh.

Keep reading for more ideas on growing a container herb garden

Container water gardens

A water garden in a pot can be a relaxing addition to your patio, balcony, or even inside.  Just use a water-tight pot, small aquarium pump, and some pond plants.

Fairy gardens

A fairy garden is a dish garden which also includes some miniature, non-plant elements like garden gnomes, fairies, tiny furniture, tiny rocks, bridges, castles or other hardscape.

Learn more about growing a fairy garden.

Potted bulbs

Grow hyacinth bulbs, amaryllis, crocus or tulips in a windowsill container to bring the spring inside.

Zen garden container

A Zen garden container is probably the most low-maintenance garden in a pot! Use rocks, gravel, moss or small plants, or a mini Buddha statue.

Container rock gardens

A rock garden can be perfect for a container if you select small rocks, set off with small alpine plants or succulents.

Aquaponic gardening

If you enjoy keeping a fish tank, why not combine your hobbies by also growing plants symbiotically with the fish. This requires very little maintenance, as the fish water fertilizes the plants, and the plants clean the fish waste.

Air plant display

Air plants and bromeliads don't require much attention. They gather all the water they need through their leaves, so you don't need to keep soil moist. Just remember to spray them every now or then.

Read this article for some ideas for air plant displays in your home.

Cactus garden

Planting a cactus container garden is a great choice for a small space without much water. Just make sure to give them plenty of sunlight or you can use a grow light inside.

Read more about caring for a cactus container garden here.