About Garden in Pots

I started my garden in pots when living in a small apartment with a balcony. I love having plants around me, but don't always have the time to water them every few days, or worry about them when I have to travel.

I realized that I could focus on the types of container gardens that don't need daily care: desert plants (succulents and cacti), water gardens, and less permanent culinary plants such as herbs and vegetables in self-watering pots.

I decided to start this website to help other people who love nature and plants, but don't have the time or space for full-scale gardening.


I grew up around plants. My parents were avid gardeners, always creating new gardens with each move to a new home. I remember picking Brussels sprouts in the frost in our English garden, and eating raspberries directly from the vines that my parents planted around the garden shed. When we moved to the US, we grew roses and herbs. I always loved going into the garden to clip some fresh herbs to eat with whatever was planned for dinner. When my mother retired, she opened a small plant store and became a Master Gardener.

Container gardening

So I suppose gardening was in my blood, but I found having to care for a full in-ground garden to take more time than I was able to give it. So my love for container gardening grew, first with houseplants, then finding the best ways to utilize pots on my balcony.

I also enjoy tropical fish, so I have an aquaponic water garden where I grow sprouts, herbs and wheat grass fed by the water from my fish tank.

I grow herbs in my kitchen in self-watering pots.

I care for a collection of over one hundred different succulents and cacti in pots inside as well as on my balcony, as well as other low-care houseplants such as bromeliads and air plants.

And do you know what is the best thing?  None of them require me to water them twice a week!

Learn how to garden in pots

So I started this website as a way to share my experience with low-maintenance, fun gardens in pots. Please explore the site, and send me feedback!

Kazoo Decor

I also run my store Kazoo Decor, which includes some of my "gardens in pots" creations and supplies along with other home decor items, which you can check out here.  I also sell on Etsy, Mercari or Poshmark.