Air Plant Display

An air plant display can be a great low-maintenance living feature in your home. Below are some ideas for displaying and caring for air plants. Or learn more about how to grow air plants here.

What is an Air Plant?

Not everyone has heard of airplants, although they have become more popular in recent years. They are actually a type of bromeliad, the same plant family as that pineapple in your fruit bowl!

Air plants are plants which don't require soil to grow, and don't absorb water from their roots (so they don't need the regular root watering that other houseplants do).

Instead, air plants absorb water from the air through their leaves. Since the environment inside your home is probably much dryer than their native jungle habitat, an air plant display will need regular sprays with water to give it the water it needs. Read this article for more information on air plant care.

Wood-mounted Air Plant Display

In their natural setting, air plants hang onto trees in warm, humid environments. So displaying them on a piece of driftwood or other wooden base is good way to highlight them.

The plants can be secured to the wood with wire or a drop of plant-safe glue. Or they can be placed in small holes in the wood.

Hanging Globe Air Plant Display

Hanging globes are a common way to display airplants without having to take up a lot of counter space.  You can hang them in a window instead of a traditional hanging plant.

The globe has an opening to allow some airflow and so you can access the plant.  Be careful when you mist the plant that excess water does not collect inside the globe, because that will quickly rot the plant.  You can also remove the plant weekly for a soak in a bowl of water if you prefer.

Air Plant Terrarium

You can also display air plants in a terrarium like this one.  The substrate should be something dry like sand, dry moss, or shells.

Showcase Airplants in Tiny Pots

You can also find tiny, cute pots like this set of cats.

These pots are often sold for little succulents or cacti, but they can also be used for airplants.  

You don't need to add any soil, and they don't need watering (just mist occasionally, or remove the plant for a good soak every now and then).  If you need to stabilize the plant inside the pot you can add a little bit of dry moss or pebbles.

Tealight candle holders can also make excellent air plant holders. The image below is a handcrafted stoneware tealight holder from Vietnam, which has been upcycled as an airplant holder, with a few glass gems for the plant to sit in. I have this available in the store here.

Macrame Hangers for Air Plants

Macrame hangers that are used for traditional hanging pots can also be used to hold airplants.  You can showcase a number of them like in this photo, or highlight one featured plant hanging in your window.

Reuse Vintage Containers or Art for Airplants

You can add an air plant into almost any container or balance it on a piece of art or decor item.  This little decorative cart has a mini wooden bucket perfect for this air plant, but you can get creative with pieces that don't even have a hole or container for a plant, with careful balancing or a little plant-safe glue or wire.

There are also many kinds of recyclable containers that you can use for air plants: empty and decorate used Nespresso capsules or K-cups, yogurt containers, glass jars, etc.

Tealight candle holders also make great containers to display individual air plants, like the glass leaf candle holders below.

Other Ideas for Container Gardens

In addition to air plants, you could also consider adding a tiny succulent garden or cacti in pots.